After a gloomy winter, spring is finally upon us! The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the weather is starting to warm up. With this change of seasons comes the tradition of spring cleaning. In homes, families are joyfully dusting off the blinds, throwing open the windows and getting a head start on the hectic seasons of spring and summer.

But spring cleaning isn’t just for houses! For office workers, spring is a time to brighten your office’s mood and increase productivity.

When it comes to a commercial facility, spring cleaning refers to those spots around your building that do not need regular cleaning but do need special attention after the cold months where visitors and employees are tracking rain and mud into the facility.

These 5 tips will help revitalize your facility and make sure you get the most benefit from a yearly spring cleaning:


Spring is the time to get up on the ladders and dust those hard-to-reach areas like high warehouse beams, tops of light fixtures and doors, ceiling corners and air vents. Cleaning these often neglected areas will reduce allergens that can cause illness and will make the entire facility sparkle.


Windows have a big impact on the appearance of your building. Winter rains can leave residue on windows, and spring is the time to wipe away the rainy weather and let the sun shine in! Steak free windows are a must.


Carpets have the toughest job in the winter. Rain, mud and debris are tracked in on every shoe that strolls through your building. You never know how much build up is accruing in your carpets. A deep cleaning should be a priority this season because it will rejuvenate the appearance of your carpet, freshen the air. Most importantly, regular carpet cleans extend the life of your carpet because they ensure you won’t need to replace it prematurely.


Regular floor care takes care of the visible flooring, but spring cleaning is the time to move desks, file cabinets, printers and conference tables to thoroughly remove dirt and dust from the entire surface. Spring cleaning is all about hitting those places that have been left ignored throughout the year. Cleaning these areas will give the office a fresh, clean smell and appearance.

Pressure Washing

Sidewalks and parking lots always look awful after the last rain of the season. A buildup of dirt, sand and debris detract from the professional image you have worked so hard for. Pressure washing your sidewalks, walkways and walls will give your whole building a new and improved look. First impressions matter. Make sure that the outside of your business is just as clean as the inside.

At OctoClean, we know where the dust and dirt like to hide and we are experts at getting rid of it! To make sure your facility gives the best possible first impression to visitors and employees, contact our office today at 1-888-540-0828.

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