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Chuck Stowe

Chuck Stowe

Chief Executive Officer

Charles “Chuck” Stowe is a founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of OctoClean. Chuck is the driving force behind the creation of OctoClean as a franchise system. He is responsible for the overall direction of the company as it expands throughout Southern California.

Meet Chuck…

What is your name?


Charles Stowe but call me “Chuck.”


What do you do?


I serve as OctoClean’s CEO and work on strategic planning on a daily basis. I direct management on long-term goals.


What do you do when you are not doing that?


I enjoy going to Maui with my wife, Yvonne.


Favorite food?


I love seafood.


Favorite city and why?


Maui’s my favorite city because it’s the greatest place on earth.


What did you want to be when you were in school?


I wanted to be out of school!


Favorite word?




Tell us a secret about someone else from OctoClean.


Pam has a vintage Airstream trailer.


I work with…


Other CEOs, COOs and business owners. I’m constantly networking and building business for OctoClean.

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