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Costa Mesa General Janitorial

Whether you have a large event venue or small office, our experienced Costa Mesa area agent is fully equipped to tackle your cleaning needs. Our franchisees own their portion of the business, so you know up front that they take an extra interest in your satisfaction and will customize a cleaning program to fit your specific needs.

Make a Good Impression


Every facility is unique and requires its own special cleaning needs. Whether you desire nightly cleaning or just a couple days a week, we will ensure that your building is getting the specific janitorial service it needs to stay in shape. Attention to detail is a priority to each of our franchise owners and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.
Our desire is to help you impress your customers, vendors and other visitors. We will develop a specialized cleaning schedule to fit your everyday cleaning needs as well as specialty cleaning for upcoming events. Our franchise owners take their work very seriously and work with you to make your facility stand out on your most important days.


Adjust Services to Fit Your Needs



The amazing thing about OctoClean is our ability to customize the services you need. Before you begin service, we meet with you to see which cleaning services you need at your facility. From there, we adapt any services you need to add to your janitorial services program. Every facility has its own quirks. Make sure your building is getting the specific janitorial service it needs to stay in shape. “We don’t do that” is not part of our vocabulary. If you need it, we’ll provide it and at a price you can afford.


Ensure That Your Facility is Sparkling With an Initial Clean



A deep, detailed initial clean is often needed to bring your facililty to a sanitary level. The initial cleaning is done prior to your regular schedule of cleaning begins. Your OctoClean agent will recommend an initial cleaning if you have had a considerable amount of time without professional cleaning. Vents, baseboards, windows, window sills, doors, carpets and other often neglected surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and detailed.


Before and After Special Event Clean-Up Service



Special events require extra cleaning prior to the day to ensure that your first impression is top notch and after to get your venue back to workable conditions. Whether your event is a business seminar, holiday party, facility tour or other party/celebration, your OctoClean agent will help you prepare for the event and restore your rooms to pre-event clean!


Hire a Day Porter



Be sure your facility is kept immaculate throughout the day with a day porter. Avoid running out of toilet paper or having to clean up spills. Your day porter provides you with daily maintenance as needed.


Go “Green!” Save the planet



Our environment’s health is very important to us. We use green products as often as we can, keeping our earth happy and keeping you healthy. Using environmentally-friendly solutions, such as green cleaning solutions and recycled paper products, can decrease skin irritations and allergies while maintaining a high level of cleanliness. We will work with you to meet your GREEN objectives.


Contact our office today at 877-OCTOCLN for more information on our Costa Mesa general janitorial services.

Get the expert advice you need.

To determine the best, most cost-effective service we can provide to you, our Franchise Owners and Franchise Development Managers will meet with you personally to find out what your specific needs are. They work with you to understand what you need regarding carpet care services.