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Encinitas Carpet Care

Whether you are the owner/operator of a small office or large event venue, our highly trained and professional Encinitas area agent is fully equipped to tackle your cleaning needs. Our franchisees own their portion of the business, which means that they take an extra interest in your satisfaction and will customize a cleaning program to fit your specific needs.

We Understand the Science Behind Cleaning


Not every cleaning provider is experienced and prepared to deep clean your carpets properly. Our industry experts understand the science behind proper cleaning. Making sure the temperature and chemical flow are just right when cleaning your carpets ensures successful results. Our experts have trained our crews to clean carefully and completely.


Our Crews are CCMT Certified



OctoClean’s carpet division is adept at getting any carpet cleaning done. Whether it is a tiny spill or thousands of square feet that need to get cleaned, we make sure the job is done right. Our Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technicians (CCMT) use state of the industry truck-mounted equipment to clean your carpets and upholstery. All of our technicians are OctoClean Preferred Vendors, ensuring quality workers as well as quality training and equipment.


Keep Services in One Place



Keep all of your cleaning needs in one convenient place. Using our bundled janitorial service for all of your cleaning needs ensures successful results. We invest in your satisfaction. Because your happiness matters to us, we make sure to give you the time and effort it takes for a job well done.


Invest in Cleanliness



Carpets can be difficult to keep clean since heavy foot traffic, spills and other messes can keep them looking dirty, grimy and drab. To keep your carpets in excellent condition for years to come, make sure you invest in regular carpet cleaning. Maintaining your carpets ends up saving you the expense of needing to replace carpet earlier than necessary. OctoClean professionals can help you determine how to increase the longevity of your carpet by setting up a carpet care program designed specifically for your facility.


Contact our office today at 877-OCTOCLN for more information on our Encinitas carpet care services.

Get the expert advice you need.

To determine the best, most cost-effective service we can provide to you, our Franchise Owners and Franchise Development Managers will meet with you personally to find out what your specific needs are. They work with you to understand what you need regarding carpet care services.