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Helen Andrade

Regional Account Manager

Meet Helen…

What is your name?


Helen Andrade


What do you do?


The best possible quality of standard that a building can be capable of, can be reached by communicating and working together. I strive to provide efficient and exceptional service in assisting our Franchise Owners and Customers in reaching this goal.


What do you do when you are not doing that?


I hang out with my Beau, searching out new places to eat at, new movies to watch, and new places to explore. The next great adventures to be had will hopefully be with my son and his new family!


Favorite food?


Probably the ones I can’t get enough of!


Favorite city and why?


None yet, but I love the San Francisco Bay Area! The Bay Area is where I grew up and the variety of great things to do are just hella close by.


What did you want to be when you were in school?


I wanted to have a family and be a Forest Ranger, a Marine Biologist, and a Social Worker. I have always been drawn to the outdoors and to helping kids.


Favorite word?


None specifically, although “Happy” comes to mind, but ask me about Salisbury Steak.


Tell us a secret about someone else from OctoClean.


I could tell ya, but then I’d have…


I work with…


Some of the best people with a variety of personalities that always make my day interesting.

Octoclean Sammy