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Matthew Stowe - OctoClean

Matthew Stowe

Chief Operations Manager

Matthew Stowe is the visionary of the company. He is the Chief Operating Officer and vigilantly watches over the day-to-day operations of OctoClean. From interacting with business owners to chatting with his internal staff and Franchise Owners, Matthew personalizes every OctoClean experience. Matthew, with his team, is creating the OctoClean of tomorrow.


Certifications: RMO for OctoClean Classification C61/D63, IICRC Water Damage Certified, Sandler Training Alumni

Meet Matthew…

What is your name?


Matthew Charles Thomas Stowe. Just call me Matt!


What do you do?


I am the Chief Operating Officer at OctoClean. I tend to the day-to-day operations and work with Franchise Owners to build successful businesses. I will work with prospects and customers to develop programs for multi-unit janitorial service programs. I love being involved in the Community and find myself volunteering for numerous Boards and Committees. Finally, I am a family man. I get to raise two amazing kids with the help of my beautiful wife Julie.


What do you do when you are not doing that?


Play golf!!


Favorite food?


Depends on the day. My favorite restaurants are CraftSteak, Jaleo, Mario’s Place and Bouchon.


Favorite city and why?


Riverside. Why? This is great City that is continuing to evolve into one of the greatest towns in Southern California. We are real people, working hard to earn an honest dollar. I owe much to the people in Riverside.


What did you want to be when you were in school?


A fighter pilot. I loved the movie Top Gun!


Favorite word?




Tell us a secret about someone else from OctoClean.


Greg had an embryonic tumor in his chest. When it was removed he said he lost his favorite brother.


I work with…


Franchise Owners that want to succeed in their businesses. I also get to work with the most talented Corporate team here at OctoClean. Most importantly the janitors, porters and EVS technicians that make it happen everyday. They are my true hero’s!

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