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Murrieta Floor Care

Whether you run a small office or a large event venue, our detail-oriented Murrieta area agent is fully equipped to take on even your toughest cleaning needs. Our franchisees own their portion of the business, meaning that they have a personal stake in your satisfaction and will customize the perfect cleaning program to fit your specific needs.

Get Quality Floor Care Within Your Budget


We want you to get the most value for your floor cleaning service, so OctoClean will work with you to develop a floor care plan that ensures they stay noticeably clean for years to come within your budget.


Explore the types of flooring we clean.

Resilient Flooring: Most facilities will have vinyl or linoleum flooring that requires periodic services to preserve a high shine. Our floor cleaning services can include proper daily maintenance, burnishing, scrub and re-coating and stripping and finishing floors. We only use the best possible products, equipment and practices to ensure your satisfaction and longevity of flooring appearance.

Grout and Tile Cleaning: OctoClean uses top quality equipment, product and methods to create that new floor look again.

Stone Care: Granite, marble and travertine. We use only high-quality products to properly wash and scrub stone flooring.


Our Crews are Well-Trained and Qualified



OctoClean crews are required to pass floor care training before they are allowed to perform cleaning for customers. Our Franchise Development Managers work with crew members to ensure they understand floor care techniques and the chemistry behind the cleaning chemicals.


Invest Now and Save Money



Investing in your floors saves you money in the long run. Participating in a floor care program, which is a program that has regularly scheduled floor cleaning visits that are specific to your needs, extends the longevity of your floor’s lifespan. Regularly scheduled floor cleaning by the same company ensures that your floor is being properly treated and protected from long-term damage. If a floor care program isn’t for you, we also have the option of scheduling individual floor care visits as necessary.


Contact our office today at 877-OCTOCLN for more information on our Murrieta floor care services.

Get the expert advice you need.

To determine the best, most cost-effective service we can provide to you, our Franchise Owners and Franchise Development Managers will meet with you personally to find out what your specific needs are. They work with you to understand what you need regarding carpet care services.