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Nick Psomas

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Nick serves as OctoClean’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He manages OctoClean’s many community circles by maintaining a dialog through social media networks, the OctoClean website and email campaigns. He also builds awareness of the OctoClean brand through online marketing, design, web content management and organic search engine optimization. His objective is to connect people, whether it be through technology or in person.

Meet Nick…

What is your name?


Nick, Nicholas, Psomas, whatever you want to call me I’ll answer to it.


What do you do?


Publish content through our blog and other social media outlets, coordinate OctoClean’s community events and involvement, and represent OctoClean at local business events.


What do you do when you are not doing that?


I like to work on cars. My wife and I have a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS and a late model Ford Mustang GT. They are our kids and we treat them well. I also like going to the movies, dinner, and heading to the beach.


Favorite food?


I LOVE asian food. I could eat Thai or Chinese probably every day. Everyone who knows me though, knows that I am extremely picky. Fortunately, I married someone who is the same way that I am so it makes it easy on deciding what’s for dinner!


Favorite city and why?


I would have to say Hanalei in Kau’ai, Hawaii. Spent a week there and I wish I could go back. On the mainland, I love spending time in San Diego. So much to do with so many little secret spots to grab good food.


What did you want to be when you were in school?


Most of my life I wanted to be a car designer. I spent day and night drawing cars up until college. I went from wanting to design cars to wanting to build custom cars (I still do). One day when I grow up that passion will be fulfilled on the side.


Favorite word?


FORD! Favorite word? What kind of question is that. To keep it clean, I guess my favorite word would have to be “amazing”. I must say it 10x a day.


Tell us a secret about someone else from OctoClean.


Matt and I share a bromance. I first met him at the Chamber mixer at Parkview Community Hospital. We started talking about cars, hit it off and the rest is history.


I work with…


Our franchise owners and their staff, members of the local business community, and the organizations that we volunteer with.

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