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Yvonne Stowe

Yvonne Stowe


Yvonne Stowe is a founding partner and President of OctoClean. Her environmental studies background has given strength to OctoClean’s “green” initiatives.” Besides lending her support to OctoClean’s management and staff, Yvonne enjoys interacting with the Inland Empire community through philanthropy projects.

Meet Yvonne…

What is your name?


My name is Yvonne and I go by Yvonne.


What do you do?


You name it, I’ve done it at OctoClean. I’ve been involved with OctoClean since the beginning. My formal job title is President, but as of late I have been involved in Human Resources. On a daily basis, I serve as an advisor to Matt.


What do you do when you are not doing that?


I like to travel but I love coming home to my family. I enjoy knitting, doing yoga, meditating, reading, learning to play violin and ukulele, watching reality TV programs and enjoying my grandchildren. I have a secret love for a game on my iPad called Plants and Zombies.


Favorite food?


Sushi, Thai food and yogurt. Oh yes- and NY Super Fudge ice cream.


Favorite city and why?


Maui is my favorite place and NYC is amazing. Maui is paradise. On Maui, there’s the ocean to the left or right of you on almost every road on the island. The whales wave hello from the sea every winter and the trade winds cool the warm air in the summer. If it wasn’t paradise, then the colorful fish wouldn’t live there. Go snorkeling and ask them. They will agree. In less than six hours, you can drive from the ocean to the rain forest to ancient lava fields. NYC is a total flip of the coin. Busy, loud, crowded and exciting. Again, it’s an island filled with whatever you want. Parks, museums, shopping, great food, carriage rides, subways, skyscrapers, water taxis and Lady Liberty to greet with all the above and more.


What did you want to be when you were in school?


A mommy or a school teacher. I have done both without knowing it! I love learning so there’s time for a few more professions in this lifetime. I think a Holistic Practitioner would be fun.


Favorite word?


Family. It embodies every emotion I feel: love, happiness, peace, wonder, sadness, disappointment, faith, concern, pride and trust.


Tell us a secret about someone else from OctoClean.


Shane takes a step aerobic class and they have named a step sequence after him: The Shane.


I work with…


CEOs, COOs and business owners through networking. I also work with OctoClean’s internal staff, providing them emotional support whenever they need it.

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