When a patient visits your dental office, it is important that they feel comfortable, relaxed and safe during the experience. While most dentists are attentive and maintain a clean and sterile environment, you may want to verify that the sanitary practices in your office are followed to avoid spreading germs and diseases.

Ensure that your sterilization procedures are up to date according to OSHA and CDC guidelines

This seems like it would be relatively simple and straightforward, but it’s not always the case. Many dental practices still cling to outdated sterilization procedures that could potentially harm a patient and put your practice at risk of disobeying the law. Every dental office should have a “dirty” side and a “clean” side and the two should never intermingle. These areas should be clearly marked with visible labels to help remind yourself and others. Instruments and other equipment should be wrapped in self-sealing packages. A step-by-step list should be given to all staff to help you remember the appropriate procedures in the sterile area. This will not only help the existing team perform within acceptable procedures, but it will help new employees as well.

Cross-contamination is a serious problem and should be avoided at all cost

Touching a patient chart or other surfaces with gloves on is a mistake that should be few and far between. As health professionals, we should protect ourselves and our patients. The entire facility must be adequately sprayed and wiped down regularly. Patient chairs, X-ray sensors and switches, drawer and door handles and X-ray switches must be wiped down thoroughly on a daily basis. These small details can easily be overlooked.

Keep the front desk and reception area neat and tidy

The reception area is a patient’s first impression of the entire office and will be the first thing they will base their opinion on. Keep papers, post-it notes and charts off the front desk or in a neat pile. Keep magazines neatly piled in the reception area to ensure a professional appearance and good first impression.

Dust around the office is absolutely unacceptable

If there is dust visible on the shelves in the operatory or in a corner of a sterile counter, bacteria and harmful particles are surely also present. Make wiping up dust a part of your routine and institute a policy that all dust must be cleaned up immediately.

Restrooms need to be kept clean and checked several times per day

Most offices have a cleaning service that will refill the paper towels and scrub the toilets, but your staff should be keeping germs at bay. A member of your team should be cleaning door handles, faucets, and knobs during the morning routine. Lysol spray or disinfecting wipes should always be used. Ultimately, keeping your patients happy and healthy is a team effort. Regularly scheduled cleaning by the same company ensures that your dental office is being properly treated and protected from long-term damage.

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