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Who We Are

We’re a team of professionals dedicated to making a difference in the janitorial industry. We strive to provide you excellent cleaning service while coaching our franchises on running successful franchise businesses.

Our mission, goal and purpose.
How we aim to make a difference

“OctoClean is an enterprise whose purpose is to transform the janitorial industry. We empower and enable people to be successful business owners. We create programs and services that thrill our customers. Our mission is to have the rewards and freedom of successful franchise ownership available to all people.”

At the heart of it all, our mission is to redefine the janitorial industry. We want to provide services that are revolutionary. In addition to transforming cleaning services, we at OctoClean aim to help those who want to make a difference in this industry by giving those leaders the tools for success. We believe in the power of developing relationships with our customers and we believe in caring.

We encourage those who want to own a franchise of their own to join our team and take their first steps toward financial and personal freedom. We also encourage our customers to reach their goals by working side-by-side in developing personalized cleaning programs. We believe in the power of developing relationships with our customers and we believe in caring.

Where we’ve been and
where we’re going.

OctoClean is a family-owned, family-run business. With their three sons, Chuck and Yvonne Stowe began a janitorial company called Service Pros in 1991. With the success of Service Pros, the Stowes decided to expand their business into a larger-scale franchising model. In November 2000, OctoClean was born with 12 franchises in tow.

Today, OctoClean has expanded to more than 50 franchises in Southern California and is still growing. The Stowes’ determination to revolutionize the janitorial industry has stayed strong during their 12-year journey. OctoClean has helped dozens of entrepreneurs achieve their goal of owning a business and continues to reach out to those who want to build the life they’ve always dreamed of.

The OctoClean management team has over 48 combined years of experience in the janitorial and building maintenance industry. Having doubled its gross sales between 2003 and 2008, OctoClean has positioned itself as an emerging leader in the janitorial services industry. OctoClean’s business plan calls for continued aggressive growth in both the number of active Franchise Owners and the markets in which OctoClean’s services are offered. Within the next five years, the total number of OctoClean Franchise Owners is slated to exceed 500 in California and Nevada.


Keeping your office clean matters to us.
Getting to know you matters even more

We establish an open communication policy between you and our franchise owners, so OctoClean can better serve your specific needs and requests.

We can accommodate.

Whether your building requires special attention or needs a last-minute cleaning, our Franchise Owners can help. Learn more

Our crews are trustworthy.

All crew members undergo a background check to ensure you have trustworthy individuals in your facilities. Learn more

Quit getting delayed.
Start using a cleaning crew you can count on.

Missed deadlines can be costly in the construction business. Keep your construction projects neat and on track with OctoClean’s friendly and reliable services.

Our crews are fully trained.

We make sure our crews are prepared for construction site cleaning and safety.

We communicate with you.

Our staff communicates with all involved parties to maintain OctoClean’s cleaning schedule.