breakroom cleaning

Due to current events, safety in educational institutions has become a major concern of communities everywhere.

One of the most overlooked contributions to student safety is a clean and healthy environment to learn in. The CDC reports that nearly 22 million school days are lost annually to the common cold and 38 million are lost to influenza. Consistent cleaning eliminates unwelcome distractions and health concerns, like the chance of catching a cold or the flu. A well managed cleaning program also keeps teachers and administrators on campus, not sick and in bed.

breakroom cleaning

From kindergarten to the University level, we have years of experience servicing a range of campuses.

Because the safety of your students is important to us, all OctoClean franchise owners and employees are required to undergo background checks. Depending on the institution, additional screenings, like TB testing, are also performed before any OctoClean personnel receive clearance to work on any school campus.

Educate Your Students

We want to make sure students at all educational levels know how to keep themselves protected from germs. You have the option of allowing us to install hand hygiene programs and staff health-awareness meetings to keep your students and faculty up-to-date on the latest health trends.

Create a Safe Learning Environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What precautions do you take to minimize health concerns and safety hazards?

    To protect the safety of your students we use EPA-approved products to prevent any skin irritations or asthma flare ups. In addition to maintaining ethical cleaning practices, we educate our crews on the responsibilities of safety at schools. Making sure floors are marked for slip hazards, chemicals are stored securely and equipment is put away can help prevent accidents from happening.

  • What areas on campus require the most attention?

    There are a few areas where bacteria is commonly found at schools. These areas are touchpoints that receive a lot of contact throughout the day, such as cafeteria tables, surfaces in bathrooms, desks, computer keyboards, door knobs, handrails, phones and toys.

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Create a Safe Learning Environment