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The exterior of your building should set the tone before your customers walk inside.

Windows are one of the top three areas of a building customers notice first. From window washing to pressure washing, we make sure your windows and outdoor paved surfaces are in their best condition. We’re equipped to clean single story offices to multi-story high rises.

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You have the flexibility of setting up a schedule to ensure your facility’s windows are washed regularly, or you may call in when you determine it’s time to have your windows washed.

While we have many years of experience in the janitorial industry, nobody knows your facility like you do. Regular washings do help building facilities maintain a clean, polished look. We work with you to determine the best scheduling system for your building.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I clean my commercial windows?

    How often your windows will require cleaning depends on the type of business you run, landscaping, weather and office location. In general, hospitals and medical practices who need to keep their windows spotless both inside and out, might need to be cleaned as regularly as once a month. For most general office buildings, cleaning the windows every couple of months is typically enough.

  • Why do I need to hire a professional to clean my windows?

    Window cleaning demands proper skills, the right equipment and specific cleaning solutions. We have the experience, techniques and products needed to do the job properly and safely.

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