Just because it looks and smells clean doesn’t mean that it actually IS clean.

If your medical facility or other office building is in need of a janitorial contractor, make sure that you’re not signing up for just a superficial clean. It is important to look at your cleaning service as an investment in your business’ success and the cost of cutting corners can negatively impact the health of your patients and staff.
Frequency of cleaning is just as important the depth of cleaning. In an attempt to cut costs, many business owners reduce the frequency of cleanings. While the office might look clean, it may not be truly sanitary. This neglectful decision can cause a breeding ground for contagious illnesses and diseases, such as the flu. This is particularly dangerous in a medical office as the health of the patients might already be compromised.

Imagine the reduction of productivity when a large portion of your staff is out sick with a contagious illness that could easily have been prevented with a regularly scheduled and thorough cleaning by a professionally trained janitorial contractor.

Perception of Cleanliness

First impressions do matter and the appearance of your lobby and office can definitely make or break this impression. Regular cleanings by your janitorial contractor can help to create a positive impression on anyone entering your facility. Keeping such commonly used public areas as entryways and restrooms clean and smelling fresh is a great first step. It is important to keep your entryway door free of smudges and the corners free of cobwebs and debris. The reception area should be kept in tidy order and the restroom should be free of trash as well as water puddles and dripping soap on the countertops. However, your janitorial contractor should be doing more than just wiping some counters and emptying the trash. After all, the appearance of cleanliness does not mean these areas are truly clean. A good janitorial service will ensure that your entire office is taken to the next level of clean by thoroughly disinfecting commonly used items such as door handles, elevator buttons, sinks and counter tops. Daily, thorough cleaning by well-trained janitorial professionals using the proper cleaning solutions and tools will keep employees and visitors protected from harmful bacteria and contaminants.

How Does Air Quality Affect Health of Building Occupants?

The air you breathe is not something you can see, but it can impact the health of staff and visitors alike. Indoor pollution, most commonly caused by a lack of adequate ventilation or particles in the building’s air, is known to have a detrimental effect A comprehensive and detailed cleaning schedule performed by the proficient OctoClean Franchise Development Manager in your area will ensure that you, your employees, and patients/customers are breathing air that is as pollutant-free as possible. Our representatives are extensively trained in cleaning for health and use only top of the line cleaning tools that are safe and will not introduce additional contaminants into the air.