With the ongoing shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) worldwide, we wanted to inform all who clean and disinfect what the CDC recommends for EVS personnel.

Terminal cleaning may be performed by EVS personnel after the patient has been discharged. EVS personnel should delay entry into the room until sufficient time has elapsed for enough air changes to remove potentially infectious particles.

We do not yet know how long SARS-CoV-2 remains infectious in the air. Regardless, EVS personnel should not enter the vacated room until sufficient time has elapsed for enough air changes to remove the potentially infectious particles.

After this time has elapsed, EVS personnel may enter the room and should wear a gown and gloves when performing terminal cleaning. A face mask and eye protection should be added if splashes or sprays during cleaning and disinfection are anticipated or the equipment is required based on the selected cleaning products.

Shoe covers are not recommended at this time for personnel caring for patients with COVID-19. PPE should be removed after leaving the room and immediately followed by hand washing.

Due to the shortage of PPE worldwide, healthcare providers and EVS teams have been working together to ensure everyone is protected. Manufacturers and distributors have been working around the clock to keep up with demand for supplies, such as PPE, hand sanitizer, paper products and disinfectant to name a few.

With increased communication and cooperation on all ends, we can work together to create access to necessary supplies and equipment. For the time being, follow CDC recommendations as closely as possible and prioritize health and safety over all.