The vast majority of office buildings are set up with fabric-covered panels or cubicles. While commercial office managers typically have a cleaning schedule for their carpets, floors and windows, these upholstered walls are often forgotten completely. As a result, your disgusting office walls can become a potential breeding ground for germs. If your office has fabric covered cubicle walls, there are many reasons why you should have them cleaned as well.
Here are three reasons fabric wall care should become part of your cleaning plan:

1. Remove Ugly Spots or Stains

It is common to see employees eating and drinking at their desks. As such, mishaps are likely to happen, resulting in ugly and unhealthy spills and stains on cubicle walls. Add to that the dirty hands and fingers that touch the walls on a daily basis. Bacteria, ugly grime and bad odors can add up pretty quickly and cause health issues with employees and visitors alike.

Proper deep cleaning can remove spots, freshen the fabric and keep your office looking presentable.

2. Help Tame Dust Mites

While dust mites normally live in bedding, they can easily travel from your house to the office. Once at the office, they can get trapped in the carpet, in the walls, and in any upholstered furniture. Fabric-covered cubicle walls attract dust, dirt and other airborne debris but are too often overlooked in a cleaning schedule. Removing and taming dust mites will increase the aesthetics of the facility and will help keep allergens at bay.

3. Reduce Allergens

Allergies are among the top three reasons people miss time at work. While dust mites are microscopic and not harmful in and of themselves, the waste they emit can stimulate allergy or asthma symptoms. Regular deep cleaning can reduce dust, allergens and dust mites while improving the overall quality of the air and making your office a healthier environment. Make sure to have your office cleaned regularly using a vacuum with a HEPA-filter to get rid of dust mites and other harmful allergens.

Talk to your OctoClean Local Franchise Owner about adding upholstery care for your fabric covered walls to your cleaning schedule.