Every office should be cleaned on a regular basis to promote workplace health and safety, but every once in a while, your office may require deep cleaning services. Wondering if a deep cleaning is what your office needs? Read on to understand the importance, frequency, and services involved when deep cleaning the workplace.

Why is Deep Cleaning Your Office Important?

We believe in cleaning for health, not looks. A clean office improves productivity, prevents workplace hazards, and promotes workplace health. When you deep clean, you remove built up dust and germs that you don’t see on a daily basis and clean areas that often are forgotten. Deep cleaning can also get rid of mystery odors trapped in carpet, upholstery or bathroom drains. Removing these odors aids in customer and employee satisfaction.

How Often Should You Deep Clean an Office?

The number of times you deep clean your office each year will vary. If your office is cleaned regularly and your services are quality, deep cleanings won’t need to be performed frequently. Instead, they may only be required once a year. Even so, there are many circumstances where a deep cleaning is required like:

  1. Before or after a large event
  2. Before or after moving into a new office space
  3. When you hire a new service provider

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What is the difference between regular and deep cleaning?

Regular office cleaning refers to tasks that are performed daily, weekly, and monthly. This includes wiping down surfaces, high and low dusting, vacuuming floors, spot cleaning floors and carpets, window cleaning, and disposing of garbage. These tasks aim to keep your office a clean and inviting place overall. Your cleaning schedule will vary based on the size and traffic of your facility. If you operate a large office space, regular services will be required more frequently.

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, refers to services that typically require trained experts, specialized equipment, and considerable effort. Deep cleaning services include removing build-up of any kind, cleaning floors, refinishing floors, tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, disinfecting all surfaces, cleaning upholstery, and more.

3 Things An Office Deep Cleaning Should Always Include

There are three things you never want to miss in an office deep cleaning they are:

  1. Hard to reach places
  2. Vents, baseboards, and window ledges
  3. Under furniture

Hard to Reach Places

These areas includes the top of air-conditioning machines, light fixtures, corners, crown molding, and anything else too tall to easily access. High dusting should be included in your regular service schedule, but if you have a vaulted ceiling this may pose a challenge for your average after hours cleaning staff. A deep cleaning team may be required.

Vents, Baseboards, and Window Ledges

These areas tend to build up a lot of dust over time because they are out of eyesight and easily go untouched. Dust is one of the leading triggers for allergies and should be eliminated at all costs. Cleaning these areas is simple, but time consuming. This is especially true for multi-story buildings.

Under Furniture

Finally, it isn’t a true deep cleaning if furniture isn’t being moved. The areas under furniture are a breeding ground for dust. You also won’t know if there are unaddressed stains or floor damage that need immediate attention if you don’t move couches and tables.

What Factors Influence the Price of an Office Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning prices are influenced by:

  1. The size of the facility
  2. Condition of the building
  3. Space restrictions
  4. Chemical Costs

A larger facility will require more cleaning personnel and as a result, more labor costs. If your facility is in very poor condition, services may be more extensive and will likely take longer to complete. If the cleanable area is small and difficult to access with the necessary equipment, this poses a challenge to cleaning teams who must get creative. Finally, cleaning chemicals can be expensive and will influence price, but you always want to use the best quality products available. High quality products result in quality services.

How do I Schedule Office Deep Cleaning Services with OctoClean?

OctoClean’s deep cleaning services are available to offices located in Southern California and Maricopa County, Arizona. To schedule a service, call us at 888-540-0828 or submit a form to request a quote. Be prepared to answer the following questions so that we may assist you the best we can:

  • How large is your office space or how many people work in the office?
  • What services are you interested in?
  • When do you need the services performed?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish?