Most people try to avoid public restrooms whenever possible. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Bathrooms, especially public ones, are known for being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide a clean restroom for whoever may use it. Not only is a clean restroom more sanitary and safe, but it is also one of the easiest ways to improve your reputation with customers and employees. A business with a dirty restroom will always be remembered for that, regardless of how favorable the rest of the experience is.

In particular, if your business is a medical or dental office, the cleanliness of your restroom will most definitely reflect on the overall impression of the cleanliness and sanitary practices of your entire office.

Your restroom is as much a part of your company as your conference room, sales area or dining room. Customers have high expectations for cleanliness and sanitation, and if you do not meet those expectations, your customers will not soon forget and will likely tell others of their experience.

How the Best Office Cleaning Companies Get Restroom Cleaning Right

When you walk into a clean restroom, you may not be thinking about what it really takes to keep it looking its best, but we at OctoClean do! We understand that keeping restrooms clean requires both periodic checks throughout the day and regular deep cleaning.

What goes into keeping your office facilities clean?

  • Keep necessary supplies such as soap, toilet paper, paper towels stocked and plentiful
  • Thoroughly sweep floors to remove trash and debris
  • Empty trashcans before they are full
  • Make sure that fixtures and dispensers are in good working order
  • Disinfect surfaces numerous times per day using a disinfecting wipe or spray
  • Clean floors and counters to eliminate splashes and keep surfaces looking good

Most businesses have a cleaning service that will clean once a day, but a member of your team should be cleaning door handles, faucets, and knobs several times during the day. Ultimately, keeping your patients/customers happy and healthy is a team effort.

To help make sure your business provides the cleanest bathrooms for your customers and employees, make sure you call the cleaning experts at OctoClean. Contact our office today at 1-888-540-0828 for more information on our cleaning services.