The newest trend in green cleaning services is daytime cleaning. Instead of leaving lights on at night for janitors to clean, some companies are moving toward allowing janitors to clean during the day to reduce energy use and cost. Before making the switch to daytime cleaning, be sure to check out OctoClean’s pros and cons.

The Pros

  • You save money. By allowing your janitorial crew to clean during the day, you’ll save on electric costs that would have otherwise been spent on leaving the lights and possibly the air conditioning on for the cleaning crew at night.
  • You’re helping the environment by lowering your energy use and reducing your carbon footprint and environmental stress.
  • Employees interact with the janitorial team, creating a more positive relationship. This allows employees to let janitors know of any special cleaning requests they have or even allows casual conversation between the two parties.

The Cons

  • The quality of cleaning takes a toll during daytime cleaning. Since people are working during the day, many employees will wave off janitors who want to clean their workspace. Several missed days of cleaning a work station can accumulate, creating a dusty, unhealthy work environment.
  • Some janitorial crews may not be able to work during the day. Some janitors may be working at night because they have a day job or they take care of their children during the day.

What we suggest
You have to decide what is most efficient for your company. If your company is struggling to find the funds to pay for quality janitorial services or if your company is small, perhaps you should consider using daytime cleaning to cut down on electric costs. If this the road you decide to take, remember to encourage your employees to take a 5 minute break while the janitorial team cleans their office space. Waving the janitorial team off will not help maintain clean work spaces.

If you are a large company with a fast-paced office setting, perhaps daytime janitorial services are not for you. You may find that employees wave off janitors more often than they allow janitors to clean. Fast-paced atmospheres can lead to poor quality daytime cleaning. Your best bet may be to sacrifice energy-saving costs for work efficiency and a clean, healthy office space.

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