The degree of difficulty in firing someone increases in direct proportion to the amount of time that an individual has been on the job. – Sandler Training

In other words, the longer an employee is with you the harder it is to fire them. Honing your interviewing skills is key in finding the right people.

In the last 20 years I can count on two hands the number of times I found an amazing employee or franchisee. Then two years ago I was introduced to a training firm named Sandler Training.

The training they provide is sales-based but also provides both new and established managers with detailed training, coaching and development to be effective (amazing). The best process for hiring employees is based on a well tuned system, not luck. Most managers (including myself before the system) hire on gut feelings and experience. Sandler teaches a system for consistent results. Since learning and applying Sandler’s principles on recruiting, interviewing and retention I have filled my office with amazing people, recruited franchisees that have a purpose and I have a lot less stress as a manager. I credit much of my results to the training and support provided by Sandler Training, specifically Scott Bailey and Will Crist at Bailey Marketing. In the e-book “Building a Successful Team” I compiled some of the more profound practices in an easy to read format. If you want to “be lucky” more often, click the download button below.

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