Regardless of the type of facility you run, your employees need a place where they can relax during their break and lunch hour. These areas can quickly become messy and unsanitary. So how do you keep your break room clean? The following office cleaning tips are simple ways to maintain this area.

Top 3 Commercial Cleaning Tips for Your Break Room

1. Use Brushes Instead of Sponges

Though you may think that providing a sponge for wiping down countertops or washing dishes is the logical thing to do, you should note that bacteria love to breed on sponges, especially when they are stored in a dark, damp place. Disposable towels and brushes are an effective and germ-free alternative.

2. Keep Cleaning Supplies Readily Available

If the necessary cleaning supplies are easily accessible, your employees are much more likely to wash their own dishes and wipe down wet or dirty countertops. Dish soap, counter spray, disinfecting wipes and paper towels should be kept in a visible place on the counter so employees do not have an excuse to leave a mess behind. In addition, be sure that plenty of trash cans are placed in various locations in the break room and that they are kept emptied daily.

3. Hold Employees Accountable

The break room is a common area used by most employees and keeping it clean is ultimately everyone’s responsibility. As such, it is essential that you enforce rules and hold employees accountable for their actions. Set rules about cleaning the microwave out, clearing out old food in the refrigerator and picking up trash throughout the room.

A clean break room will result in happier and more productive employees.