With all that you have going on at your business, cleaning shouldn’t be a worry. Nor should you spend the time qualifying and hiring an in-house janitorial team. If you are, you are losing time, money and valuable resources.

Your facility is a reflection of who you are. Companies are willing to spend thousands of dollars maintaining their online presence, but how much do those same companies spend to manage their buildings? Just like your company website and your social media platforms, your facility sends a message to your customers. A well-organized, clean facility is a place that customers want to be. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help you meet those high customer expectations.

We know. The janitorial industry gets a bad rap. Some associated stigmas are that cleaning companies are unprofessional, inconsistent and fail to communicate. Maybe you’re reading this because you’ve fired a company that has burned you before, but that company wasn’t right for you. Your business deserves a janitorial provider that wants to work in collaboration with you, not just provide a service. A company that listens and delivers what you want, not what they sell.

There are a few reasons why hiring a professional cleaning company is a good idea. If you’re tired of spending time out of your work day to clean or your facility isn’t getting the proper service it requires, keep reading.

1. The Highest Quality Clean

Cleaning is a skilled profession. At OctoClean, franchise owners and employees are qualified after a thorough background check, and trained on the leading industry standards. They know what products and techniques will leave your office clean and disinfected. Professional cleaning companies have experience managing large properties. We know which areas often go ignored by the untrained eye. We also know what things people notice about a business: polished floors, clean carpets, sparkling windows and immaculate bathrooms. A professional cleaning company also has the hands necessary to clean your entire facility. A large hospital, office building or school could require 10-40 staff members to clean it efficiently.

2. OSHA Compliance and Liability

Sure, you can hire your own janitorial staff and purchase the equipment, but you will need to train them on Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. You will also need to teach them how to safely operate the equipment and when to use the cleaning supplies you’ve provided. But most importantly, you will be liable for the safety of your in-house janitorial staff. If something goes wrong and someone gets hurt, you are responsible. Let a professional cleaning company handle all of this for you. We already have the knowledge and experience required.

3. Boost Productivity

Cleanliness is necessary to fulfill ordinary job requirements. For example, at a hospital messes are bound to happen. You need a team that can keep it clean all hours of the day and night. Outsourcing your medical cleaning services will ensure that the work gets done in a timely manner in respect to patients and doctors working around-the-clock hours. Don’t make your employees do the work for you. Requiring your employees to perform cleaning duties outside of their job description can diminish moral. It also takes them away from other important work they need to complete. Every business owner wants to create a business that they are proud of. Don’t ignore services that will help you develop and grow.

4. Uphold Health and Attendee Rates

There is a difference between cleaning for health versus cleaning for appearance. Just because a facility looks clean doesn’t mean that it is. Regular cleaning keeps people in the office. Dusted, disinfected surfaces equal less chances of getting sick or catching infection. If you hire a professional cleaning company, cleaning will be done thoroughly and more frequently. Less sick days will result in more work. If you keep your facility or office space clean, you are sure to experience an increase in output and attendance rates.

5. Supply of Products

At Octoclean we take our products seriously. All of our employees go through rigorous training to understand the compounds found in all our cleaning products and when those products are appropriate to use. We go beyond training and regularly check in with our franchise owners and employees to ensure that they continue to use the proper products and cleaning methods. Using the wrong product can cause serious damage to a surface or even cause bodily harm. Training is always being updated to reflect industry standards. The right cleaning products can be pricey. Hiring a professional cleaning company ensures that you don’t need to pay for those products out of pocket.

Hiring a professional cleaning company will ensure your facility is getting the highest quality clean possible, with the best products, in compliance with OSHA regulations. It will also ensure that your company is operating smoothly by boosting productivity and maintaining attendee rates. Before you narrow your choices, make sure you ask janitorial providers the right questions. If you are on the hunt for a professional cleaning company we are happy to help. Octoclean has the technique and resources to provide quality janitorial services to your facilities.

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below about your experience working with or without a professional cleaning service.