Dust can accumulate on surfaces throughout your office, but most of your surfaces are wiped down daily or weekly to get rid of the build-up and prevent more from accumulating. The leaves of your potted plants are no exception. Your plants should be added to your cleaning schedule. Dirt and dust can make the leaves look dull.

Have you ever noticed the glistening leaves on the plants in a florist shop? Those plants aren’t necessarily healthier or taken care of better than your own plants, they are just cleaned regularly to keep dust away and to restore an attractive sheen. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a professional florist to have plants with shiny leaves. Here are a few ways you can keep your plants looking clean and healthy.

Remove Dust

Although some flowering plants, like African violets, have fuzzy leaves that shouldn’t be shined, the dust can be removed using a soft-bristle paintbrush, soft toothbrush or pipe cleaner. Stroke from the base of the leaf to the tip to dislodge dust and other debris.

Remove Withered Blossoms

To keep your houseplants healthy and encourage further blooming, remove all dead or yellowing leaves regularly from your plants, picking up all fallen leaves and flowers that fall on the soil to prevent mold and disease. Ferns are a special case reach under their green fronds and cut the brown leaf stalks at the soil line. Shorten or remove any leafless, string-like stems, too.

Give Them a Bath

Wash houseplants often in lukewarm water to rid them of dust and insects. Don’t use cold water; it may spot leaves.

When dealing with small indoor plants, fill your sink with lukewarm water. Support the stalk and the soil with your fingers, turn them upside down and gently swish their leaves in the water.

Wash larger houseplants in a shower. Cradle each leaf with the other hand to avoid cracking them. Let plants drip-dry before placing them in the sun.

Plants definitely improve air quality, and science can prove it! University studies have shown that indoor plants can clean the air, which is especially advantageous in an office environment where people spend a great deal of time. Office plants can make or break the first impression you send out to the world. Be sure your plants are cleaned regularly and that the leave sparkle.