Enlist in a franchise and receive a special offer.

The military teaches honor, responsibility and commitment, the same traits required to own and operate a business. Many military veterans have taken on the challenge of starting an OctoClean franchise and have found success in the process. So can you. To show our support for those who have served our country, qualified veterans and active military receive a special offer with no money down.

In business for yourself, not by yourself.



No experience is required. We have professionals with years of experience ready to train you.



Octoclean’s support staff is here to provide accounting services, customer support, sales and marketing.



You have the power to decide when and where you work and how fast you want to grow.

Start risk free - no money down.

OctoClean franchise owners are trained by a veteran

OctoClean franchise owners are trained by a veteran.

OctoClean trainer Greg Stowe joined the Navy in the summer of his junior year and entered active duty two weeks after he graduated high school on July 13th, 1993. In the role he holds at OctoClean, everything he does comes from three values: honor, responsibility and commitment. He strives to honor his relationships with franchisees, customers, coworkers and the industry as a whole.

“I believe the one trait that sets veterans apart is our ‘failure is not an option’ mentality. I know for me that is what has made me successful doing what I do.”

Greg Stowe, OctoClean Training and Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need cleaning experience?

    You do not need cleaning experience. We have a team of trainers here to help you learn industry approved methods and standards. All you need is a drive and willingness to learn.

  • What types of businesses will I work with?

    Your customers will include medical facilities, educational institutions, class A offices and other commercial properties. No matter what kind of facility you work with, the goal is to create spaces that feel and look safe. We view our customers as partners and treat them as such. This has created long standing relationships with the companies we work with.

  • How do I earn new business?

    Our sales and marketing team is dedicated to finding new business for you. When you are ready to grow, let us know and we will send new business offers your way.