A great first impression is always important to the success of your business. With the cold, rainy winter months fast approaching, customers and employees will drag a lot of unwanted things into the office and even some potential safety threats along with them. From dirty shoes to slick floors and even flu-causing germs, it is more important than ever that you keep your office tidy and sanitized.

The OctoClean experts share tips on how you can keep your facility in pristine condition and help keep everyone stay safe this holiday season.

Common Floor Hazards During Holidays

The holidays can bring much more foot traffic into stores and office buildings. While scuff marks and dirt are common year-round, the added foot traffic means more opportunity for slips, trips and falls. Some common holiday-specific hazards your facility may experience include:

  • Wet tile due to rain being tracked in from outside
  • Caked-on dirt and debris on office flooring
  • Drenched floor mats or water damage near entrances
  • Slick walkways leading up to your business

Floor and Carpet Care During the Holiday Rush

While you should make sure that all employees are continually monitoring the floor conditions to reduce safety hazards during winter months in particular, you also want to make sure that you are not cleaning your floors excessively. Too much wax can make your floors slippery. Speak with an OctoClean specialist to devise the perfect cleaning schedule for your business and foot traffic.

To help keep your floors shiny and looking their best, follow these general floor care instructions:

  • During business hours, keep a mop handy to clean up any puddles or wet spots immediately
  • Prominently display wet floor signs to alert customers of potential slick spots
  • Sweep often during store hours to remove excessive dirt and debris from the floors
  • Immediately after closing, vacuum and mop up any dirt around entrances and other high-traffic areas

Your job is to run your business, not worry about cleaning your facility! That is why you need experienced professionals to customize a floor cleaning program tailored to your specific facility, budget and needs. The professional teams at OctoClean have the industry experience and innovative tools to keep your business in tip top shape while adhering to your budget. Providing a safe environment for your employees and valued customers is of the utmost importance to us. Ask about our customizable commercial floor cleaning services before the holiday traffic arrives, and enter the new year with gleaming floors and sparkling clean carpets.

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