Many years ago OctoClean switched to microfiber after using conventional cotton or paper wipers for over 15 years. The switch came with much resistance from the established franchise owners and leadership of OctoClean. If you have been struggling with the decision to switch too we hope to help you change your views.

What is Microfiber?

Microfiberis a material made from synthetic fibers, usually polyester or polymides, that are split again and again into even tinier fibers, making it an amazingly effective and efficient cleaning material.

Whether you are in the janitorial industry or cleaning your home it is a smart alternative to cotton and paper. Here are some benefits:

  1. They’re great for deep cleaning surfaces with less chemical.

    Microfiber is especially good for deep cleaning because its tiny fibers are able to get into the imperceptible pores and crevices on a surface. The sheer number of these tiny fibers, a sixteenth of the size of the human hair, also make it excellent at picking up dirt and grime and absorbing water. You will find that you can clean the same areas with less chemical usage too. Visit to learn more about why this is a greener tool for home and business.
  2. Mopping with Microfiber results in less chemical use/waste, cleaner surfaces and fewer bucket changes.
    All of this equals saving money. Not only does microfiber mopping work better (in most applications), it will save you time, money and injury over the use of convential mopping systems. Check out the Rubbermaid Hygen microfiber system for the latest innovation in mopping systems.
  3. Microfiber removes bacteria better than cotton cloths.
    A final great thing about microfiber is its proven ability to remove bacteria. In tests it has been shown to remove up to 99% of bacteria on surfaces compared to only 33% when cleaning with conventional materials. Based on a study conducted by American Journal of Infection Control microfiber proved to be the most effective in the removal of Staph and-ecoli. Read the article here.

For more information about microfiber and to get on-the-job results from an OctoClean Franchise Owner, take a look at our free eBook: “Making the Switch to Microfiber.”