Certain areas of the office are a no-brainer. Most facility managers remember to wipe down desktops, clean the bathrooms… windows typically aren’t neglected and the floors are mopped or vacuumed. But there are areas of your office that are less obvious and less visible that often get overlooked in the cleaning process. These areas contribute to an overall unpleasant first impression to customers and visitors.

Just because these areas are out of sight, don’t keep them out of mind. Make it a point to regularly clean these overlooked spots.

1. Behind Printers and Copy Machines

Especially if your copy machine is in high demand, it is likely leaving tiny particles behind that accumulate around, under and behind the machine, contributing to a messy and dusty area. Also, smudges on the glass will leave your copies looking dirty and unprofessional.

2. Microwave

Perhaps nothing in an office gets used and abused more than the microwave. Food explosions that aren’t cleaned up right away will leave funky smells and disgusting bacteria. Move your microwave to the top of the cleaning priority list to keep food prep areas sanitary and to eliminate offensive food odors.

3. Walls

You may be surprised by how much dirt, dust and grime can adhere to vertical surfaces. Especially if the walls are textured or wallpapered, they need to be wiped down regularly.

4. Picture Frames

Inspect the glass of your office artwork and you’ll find grimy film or fingerprints that need to be wiped off. Be sure to dust the tops of the frames as well since it tends to be a collection area for dust and dander.

5. Baseboards

Dust and scuff marks on baseboards begin to make the office look worn down and uncared for. In addition, the accumulated dust will eventually find its way into HVAC systems and make the air you breathe unhealthy.

6. Ceiling Tiles

Don’t forget to look up. Your customers and visitors do. If your business has acoustic tiles on the ceiling, they need to be kept dust free. Pay special attention to the tiles located near vents as they are prone to dark staining.

7. Ceiling Fan Blades

Fan blades that love to accumulate dirt. If you go too long without cleaning your ceiling fan, the dirt and dust that has piled up on the blades will quickly spread across the office once it is turned on. The thick coat of dust transferred onto furniture surfaces will make the rest of the room harder to maintain and create unhealthy air to breathe.

8. Light Fixtures

Fluorescent light fixtures are like a magnet area for bugs to go to die. These fixtures commonly accumulate dust that dulls their shine. Since they are out of our line of sight, we often do not notice just how dirty lights get until they are covered and filthy.

9. Vents and Ducts

During cold winter months, your heating system was likely in constant use. If you are not regularly cleaning your vents and ducts, chances are there is A LOT of dust built up in there and affecting employee health. Be sure to look at vents located in the ceiling, such as those installed in bathrooms or kitchens.

10. Curtains and Blinds

Your windows may be cleaned regularly, but how often do you clean your curtains and blinds? But curtains and blinds collect dust pretty easily and can really start to look dulled. While blinds are time consuming to clean, keep in mind that the longer you wait to clean them, the harder they are to clean and all that unhealthy dust will continue to spread around your office.

11. Plants and Foliage

Whether live or artificial, you may not realize just how much dust and cobwebs can cling to your greenery. Remove dead or dying leaves regularly to keep these little touches of nature looking clean and fresh.

12. Furniture and Upholstery

Dingy, stained furniture could benefit from a good steam cleaning from time to time. Whether it is an upholstered chair in the lobby or leather chairs in a conference room, office furniture somehow gets neglected. But your furniture is collecting germs and residue on a daily basis. Even leather furniture can become dusty and oily.

Keeping all these areas clean can sure feel overwhelming. Most employees keep their personal spaces clean but who is responsible for cleaning the common areas? Consider letting OctoClean do the dirty work for you by performing a deep cleaning of your facility with a routine cleaning schedule.