My Dad has been an employer his entire adult life. As a child I watched him hire and fire many people. I recall a specific time when we all took a trip to Las Vegas. It was my first time and one I will never forget (now I am hooked). At the time he owned a local restaurant and he left someone else in charge while he was away.


When we returned, he fired three people and was royally pissed off. I don’t remember who he fired and why but I will never forget what he said to me: “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”


Now I am the one hiring and firing at OctoClean and I have taken heed to his lesson. For the better part of fifteen years I did more myself than I allowed others to do. The result has been more than a few gray hairs and nerve racking vacations. The lesson of “doing it myself” has given me a very strong work ethic. I have worked harder than the “smart” people only to discover at the end of the race, they work less and get there at the same time. Damn! Now I hire better and smarter and find that I can go on vacation and the company thrives while I am away (and I can relax). I do not have to do it myself everyday…I can do it myself when I want to. Trust people and they will surprise you. You are not alone…

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