I cannot remember how many times I heard the phrase “We will figure it out” from my Dad.

In the afterglow of a win we would sit across from each other and nonverbally exclaim, “Now what?” and without fail it would dribble out of his mouth…. “We will figure it out”. We always did, at least for a little while. It took many failures to realize that “figuring it out” meant placing people in positions to fail or signing ourselves up for an amazing amount of work…on purpose (typically the latter). We took risks….without planning. However, OctoClean would not be what it is today without “figuring it out”.

Now the tide has turned and Dad is saying, “Are you sure?” and I am saying, “We have a plan”. Lesson learned…if you are not willing to figure it out you may never get the chance to plan for sustainability. Figure it out!