In our last blog post we assessed the meaning of quality. While there isn’t a one size fits all definition, we came to the conclusion that a good measure of quality services is whether they meet customer requirements.


While quality services are important, another measure of service that should never be overlooked is consistency. Any business can win a customer over with quality services, but the only way to retain them is through consistent services.


What is Consistency?

Unlike quality, consistency is much easier to define. Consistency is the steadfast adherence to the same principles or course. In other words, providing the same level of service on a regular basis.


Why Are Consistent Services Important?

When a service or product is consistent, you know what to expect. People are creatures of habit. We like knowing that the trash is going to be taken out on a certain day, that our desks will be wiped down daily and that the floors will be polished stripped or scrubbed three times out of the year.


So when there are changes or disruptions to our routine, we notice them big time. It’s not just about expectations. One missed service, or one missed step can set off a chain reaction. It could be that the one day services are missed is the day of an event or worse, an inspection.


How Do You Promote Consistent Services in the Janitorial Industry?

A lack of consistency is common in the janitorial industry. For weeks services can be great, until they aren’t. In order to get services back on track again, you call to complain. Services improve for a few more weeks, then they are sub-par again. This is the vicious cycle we set out to break because not only do we want to be reliable, we want to be partners, not vendors. There are a few things we strive do to keep up consistent services.


1. Regular Training

Training reinforces standardized methods. When you add multiple teams–a day crew and a night crew–training becomes extremely important. Everyone should be using the same products and methods to avoid safety hazards and to create the most consistent service possible. No matter who is cleaning your building, they must follow the same rules and meet all the necessary requirements of your facility.


2. A Clear Schedule

Creating schedules that are realistic is important. How frequently your building will require cleaning will vary based on a variety of factors. We need to work together to create a schedule that works and stick to it.


3. Specific and Realistic Goals

It is hard to stay consistent when you don’t have a goal to work towards. Goals should be based on customer and industry requirements. If everyone is aligned in terms of what is expected, the same quality service can be delivered every time.


Which is better–Quality or Consistency?

We recognize that in order for a service or product to be consistent, it doesn’t necessarily need to be quality. Your services can be consistently sub-par or consistently bad. The upside in this case is that if services are consistently bad, you know that it’s time to make an upgrade.


So as a customer, which do you typically prefer: quality or consistently? While you may prefer one over the other, you don’t need to choose between the two. They can coexist. Quality plus consistency equates to value!