A Husband and Wife Duo

Maribel Alvarado was working for an OctoClean Franchise Owner and thought, I can do this too. She and her husband Juan did their research, scheduled a meeting, and decided that an OctoClean Franchise was the right move for them.

“I actually didn’t know anything about the industry. I didn’t know there were such opportunities out there and that someone like me, my wife, could actually do it,” said Juan.

Maribel and Juan are a team. Juan calls Maribel the brains of the operation, while he is the face. They work full time in their business, but their franchise isn’t their sole source of income. Juan also works full time as a sales manager during the day, and operates his franchise in the evening. The flexibility of a janitorial franchise allows him to split his time between the two.

The Journey to Owning a Franchise

The decision to start a franchise wasn’t an easy one. The most nerve racking aspect was the initial investment. But after only a few months operating their business, Maribel and Juan began to see the financial return.

After just one year in business, Juan and Maribel provide services to four large commercial accounts. One account is a multi-story medical facility in San Bernardino, CA. They have over 7 employees that they treat as family. Maribel and Juan count on them to provide cleaning services that they are proud of and that customers are happy with.

According to Juan, the most important aspect of owning a franchise is that OctoClean’s support team is there to help.

“I feel confident that I can pick up the phone and reach out to any of them, and I know that they will come out and help,” said Juan.

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