With over 1,200 students attending their 200,000 square foot campus, Loma Linda Academy (LLA) needed a janitorial provider that took as much pride in their campus as they did. Their main concern was the health and safety of their students and staff. Second, was the ability to perform detailed cleaning during the summer months. They partnered with OctoClean to make this a reality.

A Focus on Summer Cleaning

For over 12 years, LLA’s facilities team has been working with OctoClean to maintain their campus. Janitorial services are performed five times per week and specialty services, such as floor and carpet care, are performed quarterly. But the busiest time of the year for on campus maintenance is the summer time.

Most schools pause janitorial services during the summer to save money, but not LLA. They see the value in investing to make their campus the best it can be for students and staff. Each year, June through August is dedicated to bringing the campus back to tip-top shape. This includes deep cleanings of class rooms, detail cleanings of trophy cases and other displays, stripping and refinishing of floors, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, window cleaning, and pressure washing.

OctoClean being a long time partner has been a great thing for us…they’re #1 in my book.”

Mark Brettnacher, Director of Plant Services at Loma Linda Academy

Developing a Seamless Plan

At the start of every summer, OctoClean support coordinates a walkthrough of LLA’s children’s center, elementary school, and Junior High/High School campuses to determine which projects and areas require attention. The school is constantly going through changes that make each summer unique.

Once hotspots have been identified, both LLA’s facilities team and OctoClean Support work together to create a schedule that doesn’t interfere with summer programs. Cleaning services go hand-in-hand with on campus construction and maintenance so that cleaning is performed in conjunction with renovations.

Summer projects take approximately one and a half months to complete. Each year gets easier as the team has more experience working together to create clean, safe campuses ready for learning.

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